Below is an Exclusive Look at our 13 Stage Process and Illustrates the Transformation from Dented and Rusted to Chromed Perfection.

Stage 1

First, before any work is done, your pieces are given a full physical inspection and initial work determinations are made. These assessments and descriptions, along with your contact information, are then entered in to our computer database to ensure proper care of your items right from the start.

Stage 2

This second stage is where the first of many transformations will take place. In this stage, the part is dipped in bath that chemically strips it back to its original material. It is this process that it responsible for the rust removal.

Stage 3

The part in now Dry Sanded with Aluminum Oxide. This step completes the rust removal process and preps the part for dent repair and future plating coats.

Stage 4

With the part’s new Aluminum Oxide surface, the dents are removed both mechanically and by hand. Once the piece has been restored to its original shape, it undergoes its first polish in preparation for the first layer of Copper plate. The Following is the same tank after Stage 4. Notice how all the rust has been removed and the dents are removed, returning the take to it’s original shape.

Stage 5

In this Stage, the part gets it’s first layer of Copper plate.

Stage 6

The piece now has a Copper surface and is able to be Silver Soldered. This stage allows us to repair several imperfections, including cracks in your part

Stage 7

The part is now polished and given a second layer of Copper to seal in the repairs and to remove any pits the piece may have. The part will be repolished and plated in several more layers of Copper until all pits and imperfections are removed

Stage 8

Once the piece is free of any imperfections, it is polished to a high luster finish and is prepared for Nickel coating

Stage 9

The piece is now given a layer of Bright Nickel coating

Stage 10

With the part now sporting a Bright Nickel coating, it is again polished and given a Pre-Chromium Inspection

Stage 11

The most important stage – The piece is now plated in Chromium

Stage 12

After the piece has been Chrome Plated, it is given its Final Polish, which will bring out the Flawless shine

Stage 13

The final product is given its Final Inspection and is then packaged and prepared for delivery back to you